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In the third quarter of 2018 China hotel prices Beijing led the world

Date: 2018-11-02

HRS has launched the third quarter of 2018 monitoring data of average price hotel accommodation, travel hotel procurement to provide reference data for the enterprise., according to data from the third quarter of China's major cities more than the average hotel showed a trend of rise, which Beijing rose 21.5% to RMB 768 / room nights, gains for the world's largest.But compared with other cities in the world, the hotel prices are still low.New York is the city of the world's highest hotel prices, the price of each room nights, on average, as high as 2000 yuan.

China: most cities hotel prices, rose 21.5% in Beijing

China's major cities in the third quarter average hotel showed a trend of rising, Beijing biggest gains, rose 21.5% to RMB 768 / room nights.Beijing municipal tourism bureau, according to data from July and August in Beijing hotel occupancy was both rose from 2.5% to 77.5%, 78.6%.Summer accommodation demand growth of hotel prices upward.At the same time, the exhibition activities is also one of the reasons for the Beijing hotel prices upward.In early September at the china-africa cooperation BBS affected the international trade, Lufthansa and the Asian games village, and many other areas of the hotel price.

Gains followed by macau, shenzhen and dalian, their average price rose by 19.5, %, 11.3%, 10.6%.Short supply continues shenzhen hotel market, hotel prices rising trend is obvious.Japanese-owned enterprises is one of the main source of demand for dalian hotel market, the first two years are influenced by the international situation is the hotel bookings once shrink, but the recent spate of dalian Japanese company gradually recovery, business activity is frequent, reservation demand increased significantly.Consistent with the trend of the previous quarter, guangzhou hotel average price continue to show rising trend, rose by 7.8%, the average price is RMB 440 / room nights.The main reason is that Canton fair to heat up, push hotel prices rise.However, guangzhou is China's major cities still in the hotel of the lowest average price.

Is the city of the statistics, only in xiamen, xian, chengdu and hangzhou hotel average price fell slightly, losses were 6%, 3.2%, 3% and 1.5%.Including xiamen is mainly due to the high prices - last year in early September 2017 before and after the brics summit held in xiamen travel peak and hotel prices higher, but the hot tourism market did not last for this year, the hotel prices fell.

Asia Pacific: hotel price volatility, Tokyo is the most expensive

Is the hotel's most expensive city in Asia Pacific, Tokyo, every night to 1384 yuan, the average price fell by 1.1% on last year.Followed by Sydney (1328 yuan), Singapore (1328 yuan), Melbourne (1072 yuan) and Seoul (1008 yuan), hotel one thousand yuan of above average in each night.Of the lowest price for Kuala Lumpur, live here for one night only need an average of 392 yuan.This also belong to the lowest price in the global scope.

From the point of hotel price change trend, Asia Pacific hotel price volatility of the city.Compared with the same period last year, Delhi, Beijing and Bangkok hotel prices are larger gains, rose by 29.5%, 21.5%, 13.3%, to 632 yuan, 768 yuan, 752 yuan.Mumbai and benghazi chain hotels show obvious downward trend, the average decline were 19%, 18.5%, the average price is 752 yuan respectively, 600 yuan.

The biggest increase in global: Beijing hotel prices in 2018

A global perspective, to gain of 21.5% to become the global hotel Beijing most populous city in the price of the average price is RMB 768 / room nights.Bangkok has risen as high as 13.3%, RMB 680 / room nights.But compared with other major cities in the world the two city hotel prices are still low.Just like in the last quarter, New York is still the world's highest hotel average city, the average cost of each room nights here reached 2000 yuan.Washington, Toronto, followed by an average of 1536 yuan respectively, 1512 yuan, the world's the highest city in the average price of hotel.

HRS: digital is hotel enterprises purchasing trends

This is travel hotel purchasing peak season, each big enterprise is with the hotel for the 2019 agreement price negotiations.HRS vice President of Asia Pacific zone lady said: "this hotel purchasing digital trend is obvious, because of the global hotel market is complicated, there are many companies are turning to the digital platform, in order to improve the efficiency of the global hotel procurement, and gain the market benchmark data, provide the basis for the purchasing negotiation and decision making."

HRS gradually matured intelligent hotel procurement platform, this year also launch prices filter products such as components, with the aid of artificial intelligence technology, to ensure that the agreement price right to upload, reservation, to improve the accuracy of price, help enterprises to implement cost savings.There are communication, e-commerce, finance, manufacturing, and other fields of large multinational companies, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises introduce the intelligence of HRS hotel procurement solutions, managing business hotel in the digital transformation.

At the same time, in order to expand global business travel market, obtain stable, high-quality business customers, hotel groups online bidding for the HRS intelligent hotel procurement (E - RFP) platform to enhance the acceptance."For the enterprise online hotel quotation request, the hotel's response rate above 95%."Ms zone revealed.

About price: 1 July 2018 solstice during September 30, all through the platform of HRS reservation (not cancel the order) are taken into account, including single room and double room, including early and do not contain and order of 1 to 5 star hotel.Selection for bookings larger destination city.