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Located in Dongcheng District,  the Citycourt Hotel (Chengshi Tingyuan Kezhan) is a courtyard hotel close to such top Beijing attractions as the Drum Tower,  Houhai Hutong and Beihai and Jingshan parks.

Guestrooms incorporate traditional Chinese elements along with modern amenities like international dial telephones and LCD TVs.
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住客评论 231条评论     4.2分/5分 更多
  • lwssssss
    Good place to go alley!
  • vanessa45
    Overall, not so good. room toilet doesn't work, the whole room ventilation is very poor and not to disturb health, won't go
  • golddragon
    Quiet Environment, the traffic is very convenient.
  • giada
    Live in a single room, the room is quite small, a bed takes up more than half, barely enough to live, but the decoration of the Inn is very interesting, lots and pedestrian to Hainan's gong, is still recommended
  • dai28
    Bungalow in Beijing. experiences.
  • irenel86
    Always feel at home air conditioner is to force, the front desk attitude pretty well.
  • C8286D
    Owner, very good, good service, well liked, foreigners are more expensive, but worth it, where you can consult the proprietress, lanes deep, Beijing Hutong life experience
  • tiffany1201
    Hotel convenient to the South Gong and drum lane
    Which is very nice
  • e00033169
    Antique shop ... Which is very nice
  • Beifang
    Satisfied with nothing to say next time there's a chance I hope we can stay here
  • lsebi
    Price in Beijing and environments can! in the alley is not very hard to find! courtyard room in not very!
  • datangvip
    Just to hotel, because to of too late has Studios no has boss on help I free upgrade has standard between, I and MOM on hotel of health is focused on so set here of when I also is somewhat worried, but and wanted to experience Xia Beijing of courtyard, so also is set has down, now seems here of environment really of let people is satisfaction, very clean a see came also is good of is cannot see details or wallpaper off of part on will is obviously has, because back of compared late So might not be too hard to find but too dark for me to go over familiar haha a bit arrogant but for the lost is not too hard to find from the junction straight ahead you can see hope this trip will be of great significance
  • e00032477
    Just began set of is Princess collapsed, later clerk to to we modified double bed of standard between, I a see standard between door on of is wall on refused to has, but heart not too cool, not like privately to modified room type, but and for back has. whole courtyard and room are layout of is national wind, has old Beijing of taste, is at this to of, feel although small alley in place hard to find, but also is trip. courtyard probably inevitably room is small of, but noise effect OK, waiter is hotAlso help us to carry the suitcase, overall nice!
  • Fergie1983
    Hotel environment is good, service also thoughtful, clean health, live has yihou next also to to. first times to live this this courtyard, yiqian are live of big hotel, yihou big hotel on not to has, courtyard can experience to China of heaven one, feel to China of traditional culture, hope everyone to are can experience about, feel about China of culture. alley culture is China culture! Surrounded by gulou West Street, very convenient, safer! Beijing run by Su Jie, when OlympicHome!
  • forever8023
    Health is good, it's near the nanluoguxiang and Houhai position. but there is no disposable slippers, bed no socket
  • scarey
    Like style, convenient, surrounded by many bars and snacks.
  • smilelo
    Quiet surrounding, traffic is convenient, owners are friendly and hospitable.
  • apple73
    Very nice love it! super long wood!
  • LoveLianDuo
    Courtyard, very quiet, very comfortable, nice!
  • bb_gay
    Princess falling and Studio, then I don't know what I am upgrading to two big bed rooms. The feeling is good, in addition to dragging luggage to find dizzy a little bit tired.
  • seapage
    Room was a bit small ... other pretty good! Beijing courtyard experience, Hey catch during the two sessions. from this play is not used as a bus, walk, Zambia-
  • LenJie
    Nice yard, very comfortable
  • dbpxj
    In the alley so very quiet surroundings, the hotel staff very friendly.
  • maobiao
    Very good environment, very complete facilities. easy everywhere.
  • baieat
    Clause for others, I heard
  • lisir1620
    It is very warm, very unique, classic taste, Super like it, next time will come again.
  • online--
    Good, feel the taste of old Beijing courtyard
  • fgliu
    Hotel is nice, the old Beijing courtyard pattern, small and exquisite, clean and very quiet at night, the service is also very good, ask at the front desk! key is very close to many attractions are subway public transportation is very convenient, just ten minutes walk to South luogu Xiang, the price is right, to come to Beijing stay here!
  • bigflytiger
    Good service, convenient, reasonable price
  • apple7512
    Location is hard to find, in an alley, yard are quite special, the rooms are clean.
  • DIOR888
    Class reunion, liked it very much, very traditional Beijing courtyard houses, the layout of a warm, reasonable prices!
  • babi_77
    Located in Beijing within the second ring road, a very convenient traffic, convenient to the tourist attractions in Beijing, can feel traditional Beijing style.
  • AutumnLavender
    Inn is very stylish, staff is very nice, nice! away from nanluoguxiang, very close to the sea, the traffic is convenient!
  • bbbnn
    A very good environment, Tong, a lot of flavor, and quiet and convenient place, next time will come.
  • oyang
    Good location, very nice helpful staff who speak some English. No good breakfast options in the hotel however. Rooms around courtyard are cosy but very small. Bathroom small but clean and toilet is behind shower. Located in hip hutong area with lots of bars and restaurants. Would def recommend this.
  • luren_yang
    Nothing said to Beijing the best choice
  • lipp123456
    The overall feeling is good, the first time the local hotel, and the price is right, around the old Beijing Hutong, or around, the traffic is very convenient.
  • e00814370
    Very unique, a little taste of the antique, walking near feeling the surrounding scenery is good.
  • Marco.V
    If to go to Beijing, will choose here?
  • e00156016
    A bit difficult to find a taxi into alleys too small around here to go to the other side is a busy Metro stations farther south drum, Gong Xiang bus station still night us girls went back a little afraid on the road a little too focused on pictures are not exactly the same! Pictures are two beds but is obviously a bed and the room was too small too small and ditches of the toilet taste great
  • bibiliyuan
    The room is a little damp, pin clamp can only use
  • DL955555
    Overall OK, is the room has no Windows, wanted to try since the Beijing Hutong.
  • benjaminbao
    This is one I really like hotel, elegant and warm, small courtyard is one of my favorite places, reading, tea, night ... room was clean, the store was very helpful, next time to live!
  • escludan12
    In the alley, and recent feelings of Hutong life, hotels in Nice, but that facility is quite old, but the front desk was great, arrived in the morning, but we changed the room. but insufficient ventilation of the room, slightly heavier, and small bath, television, good, great, you can roll to roll lol
  • e00295300
    Nice place and is winter, feel a little bit cold, but still pretty poetic. the yard layout is OK, a little forced, deep in the Hutong, the feeling of old Beijing.
  • jinyu999
    Pretty good
  • alison8316
    SI he courtyard of quite special, not bad.
  • liyunxia2
    In General, fairly clean and quiet, experience the atmosphere of a courtyard
  • Alex512Li
    Dean very characteristic, but rather remote, not too hard to find.